You only know about the war on the fossil fuel industry, big oil is killing the planet, shut it down, with a super imposed un-elected non-democratic totalitarian globalists that invent nothing but regulations, debt, crime, genocide and treason, the relentless war on the nation state sovereignty and pure inventive genius. You know about electric cars, and you also know that there are too much electronics and plastic and cheap metal in automobiles, and that the auto industry and auto parts industry has been for the most part wiped out in Canada due to government genius of economic leadership in genocide and treason. So, what can anyone do? Old school freedom versus technocracy control freaks in your automobile?

Most guys like to work on their own cars and trucks, with modern automobiles that is difficult and even challenging for mechanics with a garage loaded with tools. Go back in time a few years. With all the global warming bogus fraud going on, you might think someone would talk about high mileage fuel systems, but no, that is censored and suppressed.

The good news is we are part of something much bigger: